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Dog Running

Coming June 2019!


Each dog running service includes GPS time stamp tracking & GPS route tracking for each dog run, as well as a free key lock box.  To keep you in the know of all of your dog’s activities while under our care, you will receive fun and witty updates including pictures and a report card for each run!  We also offer a client login and app to manage all of your pet care needs.

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Like human’s, dogs require exercise to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle.

However, unlike humans, dogs were born to run! Running taps into their natural instincts, builds confidence, motivation, endurance, develops rear drive, stimulates them socially, and strengthens their ability to maintain proper behavior well beyond their runs. And they have fun!

Our private dog running program is designed to respond to all of these needs and benefits. Similar to training for a marathon, our program matches your dog with a running professional to help guide them to build and maintain skills in long distance running, socialization, and the opportunity to keep up their behavior and obedience training. An initial evaluation is included in our program to determine at what pace your dog should begin their training. Their running plan will be designed based on their particular needs. Each workout includes stretching, a warm-up period of brisk walking, easy jogging before running, and cool-down after your workout. And plenty of TLC!

Join us! Your dog just might be running along side you or with our pack at the next LA marathon!


In order for your dog to participate in our dog running program, we require the following:

  • Medically cleared by a veterinarian

  • Ability to respond to cues

  • Leash proficiency

  • Socialization skills

Dog Runners

All of our dog runners are certified in Pet CPR & First Aid, skilled in reinforcing basic behavior training, and are experienced long distance runners who have completed marathons. Most important, they are dog lovers, owners, and enthusiasts who are committed to the love and well being of pets!


Please note: Dog runs are limited to 2 dogs per dog runner.

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1 hour minimum


$5.00 extra dog fee - per run

90 minutes


Extra dog fees included

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Service requests will be available in June 2019

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