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Dog Behavior & Training



Our dog behavior and training program begins with a free in-home consultation.  Following your consultation, a lesson plan custom fit to your pup(s) behavior and training goals will be discussed in preparation for each session so that we may maximize your session time, and make your sessions as productive as possible.  Following each training session, you will be provided with a written treatment plan of what we covered in your session. In between sessions, we are a resource for family for any follow-up questions and feed-back, to track your pup(s) progress and challenges to your training that will enable us to build upon your next session.  We also offer a client login and app to manage all of your dog training needs.



We offer dog training to all of Los Angeles County.

Out of our service area?  We offer Skype & FaceTime sessions

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In-Home Consultation – Dog Behavior &Training


While dog handling is limited to booked behavior and training sessions, your consultation is an opportunity to first, introduce us to your dog in the comforts of their own home so that we may get better acquainted with you and begin the process of trust between your pup and your behaviorist.  It is your opportunity to discuss your specific dog's needs while also becoming familiar with the style and principles of our dog behaviorist.  This is also your time ask questions and explore the expectations of our program.  Your appropriate dog treatment plan and schedule will be confirmed after your dog's evaluation during your first training session.  Duration of consultations vary and typically last from 30 to 45 minutes. 

Free 1st time Consultation 

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Dog Behavior & Training

Leisurely Walking

Far too often families endure a tremendous amount of stress due to incessant barking, inappropriate jumping, issues with house breaking, leash aggression, and a plethora of other problem behaviors from their beloved dog.  As a result of this, many dogs are re-homed or even dropped off at local animal shelters.  While the strain caused by improper dog behavior may often warrant these circumstances, a good training program and routine custom fit for your home and family can not only avoid most of these outcomes, but your dog has the potential to be that loving and responsible family member that your family deserves.  And so, we offer dog behavior and training that utilizes positive reinforcement methods exclusively.  From puppy training, to approaching your adult dog's challenges through behavior modification.  To teaching your dog basic behavior such as sit, down, stay, to more advanced leash and socialization skills.  Let us help you create an unbreakable bond with your dog by giving you the education and tools to help your dog be the absolute best that he/she can be!  It is our goal to maximize each session so that it ensures the most success in your dogs training.  Please note that timelines of sessions may vary depending on the needs of your of your dog’s treatment plan.  

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Lay Down


Training Method:

Relationship and scientific based through positive reinforcement


Training for dogs of all breeds, size, and ages: 

Puppies to mature dogs, shelter & rescue dogs, recently adopted dogs


Target Behaviors:

  • Puppy training

  • Basic & advanced obedience

  • Behavior modification: not limited to aggression, dominance, separation anxiety, shyness, house-breaking, leash pulling

  • Socialization

  • Crate training

  • Transition training for your recently adopted dog into your home

  • Introducing your new dog to your family cat/new cat to your family dog

  • Introducing your dog to your new baby

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Dog Behavior & Training Rates & Packages:


Dog Behavior & Training rates start at $115.00 per hour

$20 each additional family dog requiring training


5 Sessions Package: - $525 ($105 per session) 

$10 each additional family dog ($50 per session)


10 Session Package: - $950 ($95 per session)

1st additional family dog included in rate


Skype and FaceTime Sessions: Inquire for more information on a quote

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