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Meet our staff



Meet Carmen!

Carmen Molinari is the founder, owner of Love At First Sit.  She has been providing pet care, dog behavior & training, and adoption transition consultations since 2011.  In addition to her professional work with animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and turtles to name a few, she has completed over 4,000+ volunteer hours at Santa Monica Animal Shelter. Including volunteering with elderly dogs and those with medical and behavioral needs at EZ Heart & Soul Rescue & Sanctuary. As a volunteer, her work includes caring for, rehabilitating, and training animals of all ages, species, and sizes with diverse behavioral and medical dispositions to place them into forever homes.

Committed to animal welfare, she provides her pet care providers and dog handlers with education in pet care, medication administration, and animal behavior training so that they may continue to offer optimal care to our clients. 

Along with her joy of working with animals, she serves the every need of her three bossy and regal geriatric cats, Popeye (seen in photo), Naobi, and Costanza. She also shamelessly dotes on her black lab bestie, Soda, featured below.

Services provided:

Dog Behavior & Training, Transition Consultations For Newly Adopted Dogs and Cats

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Meet Soda!

Labrador Retriever, Soda, serves as Director of Socialization for our Dog Behavior & Training program.  Soda believes that every dog has the potential to be well-adjusted so that they may live happy and healthy lives.  As a rescue dog, she knows first-hand the challenges of acclimating into a new home, and the inability to deal with new people, dogs, environments, and stressful situations.  With the support of her humans and their commitment to her behavior training, she had a healthy transition into her family.  Soda learned how to be a responsible, polite and approachable dog. Inspired by this experience, Soda advocates for other dogs faced with these same challenges.  She is committed to sharing her knowledge to other dogs regardless of breed, age, temperament, and medical needs.  Through her work, she teaches every dog that they not only have the potential to be their very best selves, but the essential skills to help them to maintain the appropriate behavior to thrive in the real world.

Behavior Training Specialties:

Socialization, Introductions

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Meet Angelina!

Our office director, comedienne, writer, and New Jersey transplant, Angelina Borodiansky leaves no animal behind! Growing up with dogs, cats, and rabbits enabled her to have a natural ability to care for a variety of animal species of all ages, sizes and diverse temperaments.  Including her own cat whose medical requirements were vast. Certified in Pet CPR and Pet First Aid, she has experience administering medication, handling special needs and geriatric animals, as well as handling dogs with behavioral issues. Among her skills, she is most proud of fawning over animals and extending her wit by providing them with plenty of laughs.

Services provided:

Cat Visits, Dog Walks, Small Pets Visits, Medication Administration, Pet Taxi

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Shinise Photo.jpg

Meet Shinise!

Shinise Robinson will be the first to tell you, “don’t hate me because I like animals more than people!” She has worked with Love at First Sit since our doors opened in 2011.  Doting and adoring to pets, as an animal advocate, she volunteered for several years at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter helping to care for and socialize their animals. Certified in Pet CPR and Pet First Aid, and proficient in basic dog obedience training, she has experience administering medication, handling special needs and geriatric animals, as well as handling dogs with behavioral issues. Plus, she has no qualms about being a fool for love to her animal besties!


Services provided:

Cat Visits, On-Going Dog Walks, Medication Administration

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mali picCORRECTED.jpg

Meet Mali!

Writer and film maker, Mali Mayfield, will tell you that as a native of Norway, she is from a country “where people treat animals as individuals rather than accessories.”  Growing up, spending most of her free time on her friends and family’s farms, she was raised around a variety of animals and revered them as family members. From cows, sheep, horses and goats, to bunnies, birds, dogs and cats, she contributed to all aspects of their care.  This included doting, loving, spoiling, feeding, cleaning, shoving poo, and assisting in the birth process of calves, puppies and kittens. She feels privileged to have the opportunity to continue to advocate for animals and enriching their lives through her work as a pet care provider.


Services provided:

Cat Visits, Dog Walks, On-Going Dog Walks, Dog Runs, Overnight Visits, Extended Day Visits, Overnight Visits, Medication Administration

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angela picCORRECTED.jpg

Meet Angela!

A seasoned line producer in television commercials and music videos, Angela Hodgson “cannot think of a more enriching job than working with dogs!”  A native of Manchester, England, her life has always included the companionship of pups.  This inspired a relentless endeavor to marry her passion for the outdoors with the wellness and care of dogs.  Certified in Pet CPR and Pet First Aid, she is delighted that her years as a runner and her deep love for her 4-legged friends has now enabled her to be a part of our dog walking team, and lead our new dog running program.  You just might see Angela with our pack of pups and her beloved Beagle, Layla, running alongside you at the next LA marathon!


Services provided:

Dog Runs, Dog Walks, Extended Day Visits

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Caitlin Philips.jpg

Meet Caitlin!

Caitlin Philips will be the first to tell you that working with animals “is indeed her greatest joy.” A licensed massage therapist for humans for over 30 years, her experience includes bodywork with dogs, cats and small animals. This includes body and therapeutic therapies such as Myofacial Release, Jin Shin Do, Shiatsu, CranialSacral Therapy, to name a few. Most rewarding for Caitlin is her many years caring for animals, walking, hiking and boarding dogs, and previously volunteering with various horse rescue organizations and stables. Caitlin is grateful for the opportunity to apply her years of experience and affections to four-legged, feathered, and small pet family members.

Services provided:

Dog Walks, On-Going Dog Walks, Medication Administration

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