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 "Check out Carmen for reliable, responsible, and compassionate pet care."

-Dr. Karen Heard, DVM - Vet 2 U LA, Santa Monica

Amazing experience, each and every time. I am a paranoid crazy person when it comes to leaving my cat behind. I get so sad when I leave her and worried about her. Since Carmen has come into my life, my worries are significantly less and I really love how she sends me updates every day with a visual of my baby Bella. I couldn't ask for a better pet-sitter, and I never hope to. Carmen is the BEST. [more]

-Brooke, Santa Monica


"She came in extremely organized - with a welcome folder and a contract. As well as a journal to chart how Meebo behaved...Meebo's visits include am/pm visits (he likes to look out my screen door, so she opens it in the morning and closes it at nite). Food, water, brushing, and some loving! I left on a trip last month, w/o a worry about Meebo. I came back and I am BLOWN away by what she has left: a card (with a picture of Meebo) thanking me for hangtime with Meebo, and a full report of his behavior (she says that he was a perfect gentleman).

I fully believe that I have: " [more]

-Megan, Santa Monica


 "Carmen has been walking Leila, our Siberian Husky rescue, since we adopted her last year. She is incredibly consistent, flexible, reasonably priced and attentive. Every day she sends us a text to let us know how things went. She also keeps a journal/log with a more thorough note at home. This was particularly important in the beginning when we were trying to diagnose Leila's mysterious stiffness and limping. Carmen also has caught some potentially more serious issues when Leila has eaten things she should not have gotten into (think Trident gum, Hawaiian chocolate covered macadamia-all toxic to dogs). Thankfully, this meant we were able to get attention before it was too serious.

On holidays, Carmen goes out of her way with sweet gestures. We came home to Christmas stockings filled with healthy treats and goodies for both Leila AND our cat (who Carmen has never even cared for)! We also come home on occasion to find nice quality printed pictures of Leila (Halloween and Christmas themed, for example).

Most importantly, we know we can trust and rely on Carmen. As she has gotten to know Leila, she knows what to look for and knows when something is not right or as it should be. We have piece of mind knowing that someone is checking up on things throughout the week and keeping it interesting for Leila during the monotony of long work days.

She is now also working to challenge Leila a little more in obedience and behavior during her walks. We look forward to seeing how Carmen's business develops and continuing to support her excellent work!" [more]

-Shady & Erin, Santa Monica

Johns cats.jpeg

Carmen at Love At First Sit knows and cares about animals (in our case, two cats). She is professional and is someone who lives up to her word. She sent us daily emails and photos (and even videos) so we knew our pets were doing well in our absence. When we returned, everything was as it should be.

We will book Carmen for every trip from now on. We give her our highest recommendation. [more]

-John & Adele, Santa Monica


 "We just used Love at First Sit to care for our elderly cats while we were in Europe for 2 weeks. We were so pleased with the service and thorough communication and care provided. Love at First Sit was beyond our expectations and we will use them for our next trip." [more]

-Brandy, Santa Monica


"Love at first sit is wonderful! I travel quite frequently and when I am based in Santa Monica for an extended period of time, I use Carmen and her stellar staff! I have 3 rescue cats, 1 is elderly and requires a special routine, and my other two are young and demanding. I am convinced Carmen speaks cat language; she is that great with them. My one dog is a bit feisty which makes finding the appropriate sitter a challenge. To my luck, Carmen is experienced in dog training so the transition was effortless. Anyhow, meeting Carmen was a breath of fresh air. From her initial correspondence, to her very informative and refreshing consultation, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with not only how she runs her business, but the care she gives my pets. No matter what the demand of my cats or dog, she rises to the challenge and offers great insight! Plus, with her daily updates which include pictures and short, and yet interesting content on her activities with my babies, it gives me peace of mind to travel with no anxiety about my pets being home. Also, she has a great staff of sitters that are able to offer her consistent service. So even if she is not available, she has someone very competent, and just as capable waiting in the wings." [more]

-Roxana, Santa Monica


 "Carmen at Love At First Sit is amazing with animals! If you think of your pet as another family member, then you just have to go with someone who can be trusted with your baby. And Carmen is definitely that person. I volunteer with her at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter and have seen her handle hundreds of dogs - big, untrained dogs at that. Plus, she's a huge animal lover who works endlessly to help find homes for shelter dogs and cats." [more]

-Sharon, Los Angeles


Folks, if you ever need a pet sitter don’t think twice about contacting Carmen. We’ve been away twice since adopting our kittens and Carmen’s care is absolutely fabulous. Our days away are sprinkled with kitten updates that we look forward to each day. Moreover, we get videos and pictures!! Once we got home, Carmen had a meticulous account of the girls’ activities in their very own journal. I can’t tell you how pleased we are to have found Love At First Sit! We can enjoy our time away knowing our Roger and Mina are in great, loving hands. Thanks Carmen!!


Update: We have since moved from Santa Monica to Berkeley. Carmen continues to be a great source to turn to for Vet/Pet recommendations.

xoxo [more] 

-Lux, Santa Monica 

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