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 "Check out Carmen for reliable, responsible, and compassionate pet care."

-Dr. Karen Heard, DVM - Vet 2 U LA, Santa Monica


"Carmen was amazing. We had 2 giant 5 and 6 year old shepherd chow mixes weighing 100 and 90 pounds that had shown aggression towards cats in the past.  And my 15 year old 10 lb kitty Oscar and I moving into my husband's Culver City home.  We needed them to get along and were very worried about the proper way to integrate them since we had already worked with a trainer in San Francisco without much success. We are unbelievably grateful for her confidence and experience in making this a safe transition for our furry children and would highly recommend her to anyone..." [more]

-Patricia, Los Angeles


"I truly love this dog walking service!:)I used them since June of last year. I am a person that cannot relax and plan a trip for work or pleasure without worrying about my dog. I have one spoiled dog by the name of Sparkle who I LOVE with all my HEART LOVE Shinise!!!! I trust my sweet dog with her and Sparkle tell me she love her too!:) Very trustworthy, caring ,kind and professional... " [more]

-Rose, Santa Monica


 "The best! So dependable and our cat Milo loves Angelina. It is such a relief when we are away knowing that we are leaving out cat in good hands. Really like the check-ins and emails with photos at every visit..." [more]

-Kelly, Santa Monica


"We interviewed 5 different puppy training companies before we found Carmen online.  We had each one come and present to us as to what their services would cost and what they would offer. Each one coming in more arrogant than the next with higher and higher pricing with so much arrogance.  Then Carmen (owner) herself walked in and introduced herself very professionally.  She explained to us that her services were definitely to train our new puppy but also to train us as owners as well.  Her tips, tricks and nuance tips were invaluable..." [more]

-Jeremy, Los Angeles


"Love at first sit is wonderful! I travel quite frequently and when I am based in Santa Monica for an extended period of time, I use Carmen and her stellar staff! I have 3 rescue cats, 1 is elderly and requires a special routine, and my other two are young and demanding. I am convinced Carmen speaks cat language; she is that great with them. My one dog is a bit feisty which makes finding the appropriate sitter a challenge. To my luck, Carmen is experienced in dog training so the transition was effortless. Anyhow, meeting Carmen was a breath of fresh air. From her initial correspondence, to her very informative and refreshing consultation, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with not only how she runs her business, but the care she gives my pets. No matter what the demand of my cats or dog, she rises to the challenge and offers great insight! Plus, with her daily updates which include pictures and short, and yet interesting content on her activities with my babies, it gives me peace of mind to travel with no anxiety about my pets being home. Also, she has a great staff of sitters that are able to offer her consistent service. So even if she is not available, she has someone very competent, and just as capable waiting in the wings." [more]

-Roxana, Santa Monica


"When my cat Poppy passed away, my husband and I got a little rescue dog called Tango. Being a rescue, Tango came with some unwanted behaviors. However, Tango would never be unwanted again--and so, we contacted love at first sit to help. Tango is now confident walking on his leash, crate trained, and well on his way to being a confident happy little dog..." [more]

-Victoria, Marina Del Rey


  "Carmen and is amazing with animals! If you think of your pet as another family member, then you just have to go with someone who can be trusted with your baby. And Carmen is definitely that person. I volunteer with her at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter and have seen her handle hundreds of dogs - big, untrained dogs at that. Plus, she's a huge animal lover who works endlessly to help find homes for shelter dogs and cats." [more]

-Sharon, Los Angeles

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